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Hello, from an EY Teacher and Leader in Qatar!


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Hello there - nice to meet you all!

I'm Danielle, an EY teacher and Phase Leader currently working in Qatar (Middle East) at a brand new school that opened in August 2019. I started as a Pre-KG (Nursery) teacher and Phase Leader and I'll be in KG1 (Reception) next year. We are an International Schools Partnership (ISP) school and we follow the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC).

Before moving to Qatar I worked for many years in Lewisham, South East London - my spiritual home! I worked at some amazing and innovative schools where I learnt about, and then rolled out, the 'Planning In the Moment' style of teaching and learning - I never looked back! I was lucky enough to train with Anna Ephgrave, as well as work with other amazing specialists such as Dr Elly Barnes, founder of Educate and Celebrate. I'm currently working on my MA in Education, covering culture, language, and identity and i'm researching and reading into the benefits of child-led learning and pedagogy. I also wrote a couple of random articles for Nursery World!

Now, I'm attempting to develop our school's vision for Early Years and learning about the IEYC and how this can be combined with a child-led approach. Any ideas, information, references, experience, would be greatly appreciated. Basically, I need others wisdom!

I'm always happy to chat, reflect, and discuss everything and anything about early childhood and education! 

Looking forwards to chatting with you :)

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Hi Danielle! Welcome to the forum. My old stomping ground was also South East London - mostly Peckham. How lucky to have trained with Anna Ephgrave - I have visited the school she worked at and read her books to inform good practice.  It sounds like you are on a completely new and differently challenging education adventure now. I hope you find lots of useful info and support here. 😊

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