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So it looks like we will be re-opening in June but just for 8 children as we only have two members of staff, one of the children has Asthma, (mild not not severely) other than sticking to their individual Asthma Plan and risk assessment ,  are there any other new guild lines on children returning to school/pre-school who have Asthma.  Our school has just informed one mother that if her child (who has Asthma) returns to school then she will not be able to play with other children and she will be looked after by two members of staff throughout the day.  Not sure where they got these guidance from, think they have risk assessed it and made their own judgement, obviously the mother is not sending her child back to school, but the Mother wants to send the younger sibling of this child back to our pre-school !!!  She will have to stay at home with the older child so surely it would be safer to keep the younger one at home as well.  But I know she will be pushing for her to come back to pre-school, as she is currently working from home and finding hard with three children!! It's so hard to know what to do as you want to help the Mother, and I know the Little Girl is desperate to come back, but we also have to minimise any health risks!  

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We have 2 with asthma currenlty . One is hospitalised when she has an attack and so ive said no. The other has never shown any symptoms and i have never had to give her her inhaler i have said yes to her. I think in these cases you need to make an informed decision based on the child and the risks.

The schools have been told that if the child is critically vulnerable that they may return as long as they can ensure social distancing which is why they have set out their terms ....though i think 1-2 supervision wasn't quite what the government were thinking ....what are they going to do forma circle of shame around her!

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