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In response to the coronavirus pandemic and the self isolation and setting closure that has come with that, we have temporarily increased the limit on single media uploads to Tapestry. Until recently that has been 100MB (works out as about a minute worth of video), but as of now you can upload videos that last up to 10 minutes or are as big as 5GB. This will be available until further notice.

The idea is that you and the families of the children in your care will be able to upload longer videos of activities and ideas for remote learning – for example, you might want to upload a video of you reading a story, or of setting a task, and ask parents to send one back of their child carrying it out.

This is available on the browser and the latest live iOS app. To access it for Android you need to download the ‘beta’ version of the app, which is quick, easy, and free to do. Just click here when on the device you want to use Tapestry with. For most of you this beta version should be significantly better than the current live version but if you have any problems, then you can delete it and re-download the existing live version without any data loss. If you do experience any issues with it, let us know (by emailing customer.service@eyfs.info) so we can fix them before it becomes the live version.

If you are using the Fire app or the Android Beta isn’t working for you, then you will be able to view longer videos, but not upload them.

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