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If you include a web address in the notes, additional info, or comment fields of observations, memos, or reflections it will now automatically become a clickable link. This means if you want to direct a parent or colleague to a particular online resource, they’ll now be able to go straight there, rather than having to copy and paste the link into a browser.

This is available on the browser and the latest live iOS app. To access it for Android you need to download the ‘beta’ version of the app, which is quick, easy, and free to do. Just click here when on the device you want to use Tapestry with. For most of you this beta version should be significantly better than the current live version but if you have any problems, then you can delete it and re-download the existing live version without any data loss. If you do experience any issues with it, let us know (by emailing customer.service@eyfs.info) so we can fix them before it becomes the live version 😊.

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