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Hi, I have an interview soon for a headteacher's position at an Infant school soon. 

I am aware that the person who is currently the acting head has also got an interview.

Ordinarily, this would not worry me but I have been told that she is doing a good job. Also,

when the Chair of Governors was showing myself and another candidate around, he commented

that he is happy with how things are and he doesn't want change (They have also recently had

OFSTED and she has lead them through this well I believe.) Whilst I know that it is likely that 

she will get the job (and I know it is probably well deserved.) I just wondered if anyone had any suggestions

as to things I could say/ask in order to ensure that they know I am still suited to the job as much?

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You've got an interview, so whatever the outcome, it's a great chance to learn and get feedback on things. 

Treat it like any other interview though - sell yourself well and make sure you tell them everything you've achieved and what you can bring to the school. If they've just been through an Ofsted, have a look at the report and the areas for development - think about how you will be able to help them achieve those targets!

If you don't get the job, don't take it personally or let it get to you. Ask for the feedback and use it to help your next one :-) 

Good luck! 

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As Ben said, you've got an interview, so if this is your first, then you're obviously doing something right.

Be prepared to talk about anything you have written about in your application. Be clear about your strengths and how they match the person spec. But also don't shy away from things you don't know or need to develop. 

Give examples of how you've worked with a governing body or MAT, if it is one. Demonstrate your leadership abilities with concrete examples

Don't be too put off by an internal candidate, I got my current job despite there being an internal candidate so it does happen.  Your interview could be over two days with multiple tasks as well as an interview.

In the event that you don't get it, ask for some feedback that will help you next time.

Good luck, let us know how you get on.


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Thank you to you both for your advice ! I will do all of this - Im thinking if he doesn't want change then it is very unlikely that he'll appoint anyone different but I will give it a try. I think I will try to articulate that I won't be changing things that are working well but will look at the development points in the OFSTED report. Im not sure if this will give me the edge on the interal candidate as Im sure she will be saying the same but I will give it a try!!

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