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Age bands on reports

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Thanks finsleymaid I'll take another look there.

Emily It will be the first time trying it and I'm still umming ansd ahhing about it as there are certain parents who won't like it, but it might make what we've actually been telling them more blaak and white.

Management haven't played it yet, I was just testing it out and didn't know if there was an option as we do reports every half term (school reception class) and there will be lots who wil obviously be in the same age band for numerous reports, so will look like to parents that they haven't made any progress....so if there was the option to not always report the band's that would be good.




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I understand your reasons on why you would want to not share the age bands, but I always found that it opened up the conversations with the parents and actually made some more engaged as it was, as you say, very clear in front of them, what you tell them. 

Only once did I have a parent question an age band, and when I explained why, they were fine and in fact, provided evidence from home that helped me to change the overall assessment (it was a speaking one for a child who never really spoke in class but was very vocal at home). 

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