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I've had a look and can find nothing that says that mental health policies are a statutory requirement. 

Mental health in school: guidance from the DfE

The Department for Education (DfE) has published advice for school staff on supporting pupils who may be behaving disruptively due to unidentified mental health needs.

It covers:

  • How mental health problems can arise
  • Identification of pupils with mental health needs
  • Strategies and interventions to use to promote pupils' mental health
  • Making referrals to CAMHS and commissioning services directly

Annex C sets out and explains the main types of mental health needs.

Mental Health and Behaviour in Schools - DfE


I have been able to find an example that is readily shared as a good example:

Within the policy, it lists factors that contribute to a mentally healthy environment. These include:

  • A clear ethos and culture that accords value and respect to all
  • Strong links with external agencies to provide access to support and information
  • A named lead for promoting mental health

The policy also:

  • Outlines how children, staff, parents and others in the school community should be treated in a mentally healthy environment
  • Objectives for implementing the policy
  • How the policy's impact will be measured
  • Arrangements for reviewing the policy

Their document can be viewed here.



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