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Hi Nicky,

Congratulations on your first forum post, and welcome to the Tapestry family; we are so glad to have you among us :)

I am afraid that, at the moment, the report feature can only pull EYFS data through. We are, however, currently working on a complete report reformation that will allow settings to create reports for all frameworks. You will just need to select the template you wish to use, e.g. EYFS, Montessori, KS1/Y1, KS1/Y2, etc., and these will get filled in with the corresponding summative assessment data according to your preferences.

We are hoping to make this feature live sooner rather than later, but I am afraid that we don't have a time frame for it yet. We will let you know here the moment it's available, though!

Is there anything else we can help you with?

Best wishes,


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