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Cherry Garden Strand Scores


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The Cherry Garden Branch Maps are organised into six main curriculum areas.  Each of these areas is then broken into various ‘Strands’. The Communication, Language and Literacy Branch Map for example, contains four strands:




It is possible to see progress information for each of these strands in the ‘Stand Scores’ page on Tapestry.

First select ‘Tracking’ (1) at the top of the screen. Then from the Tracking menu choose the 'Cherry Garden' option (2) and click on ‘Individual View’ (3) under the ‘Strand Scores’ heading.





At this point you can select a year and a period, as well as a child who is being assessed using the Cherry Garden framework. This will bring up the ‘Strand Scores' for the child in all of the areas they've been assessed in. 

The ‘Proportion of Statements’ column tells us how many statements in each Branch have been assessed. In my example, Isabelle has been assessed in two of the ‘Attention and Understanding’ statements that feature in Branch 1.

The ‘Score/Max Score’ column is dependent on the refinements levels that have been used when making the assessment. If your setting chooses to use three refinement levels (e.g. Emerging, Developing, Secure) then each statement has a potential score of 3. As there are 4 statements in Branch 1 relating to Attention and Understanding, then the maximum possible score is 12 (an assessment of secure in each). In Isabelle’s case, we know that she have been assessed as developing in both, or secure in one and emerging in another because her score is 4. 

Finally, the ‘Percentage Score’ section is the score/max score reflected as a percentage (4/12 = 0.333 x 100 = 33%)

For more detailed information on how scores are calculated for the Cherry Garden framework see here.




If you click anywhere on the line with the information, related observations will appear:



So, that's the Cherry Garden Strand Scores screen, we hope you found this tutorial helpful!


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