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Got Any Good Songs Or Action Rhymes?


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As part of our termly topic about Houses & Homes we're venturing 'under the sea' this week and I am struggling with songs and action rhymes for this and am beginning to panic as our children respond particularly well to these. I know you are all brilliant and will have loads of suggestions!


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our children adore the jelly fish song......


3 jelly fish 3 jelly fish

sitting in a rock, sitting on a rock

one fell off

(now you tale a big breath and make a sound like a jelly fish falling off a rock!!! sorry cannot decribe it but make a wobbly sound going down the scale and shake your arms in a downward movement and your body!!!)


Then onto 2 jelly fish...


we use makaton signs for jelly, fish, sitting, on ,rock, fell off at appropriate times......as well as the wobble.... :D


(they often say but jelly fish dont sit on rocks!!)




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Our jelly fish sit in a dish!! But they don't do that either!!! :o


It's good to count back up again, as well - although a bit hard trying to reverse the sound ! xD


Yes, it really takes their fancy!



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Five Little Fishies(fingerplay)


Five little fishies swimming in a pool,


(wiggle five fingers)


First one said, "the pool is cool"


(one finger up, then wrap arms around self)


Second one said, "the pool is deep"


(two fingers up, hands measure deep)


Third one said, "I want to sleep"


(three fingers up, rest head on hands)


Fourth one said, "lets dive and dip


(four fingers up, hand dives/dips)


Fifth one said, "I spy a ship"


(five fingers up, peer out under hand)


Fisherman's boat comes,


(Fingers form a V and move away from self)


Line goes ker-plash,


(Pantomine throwing fish line)


Away the five little fishies dash!


(wiggle five fingers away)

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