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I've run some training for my staff recently on the new EIF trying to bring focus to the 'new' priorities (intent, implement, impact). Next week I want to introduce the 'Cultural Capital' aspect and talk about what it means for our setting and our children. I've put together what I am calling our 'Cultural Capital statement' as I think it will be something inspectors will be talking a lot about and staff need to feel we have a clear 'direction'. I've written myself round in circles with it - if anyone would like to pick holes in it I'd be grateful to hear your views! I think we are already covering most of this but, much like with British Values, I think unless we really pull apart what we think it means, what we think we do/don't do and what we have identified as areas where we could do more I think we could miss things. I'm happy that all the content is already covered in EYFS and that we are already enabling children to access it with our existing provision - but .... I do think I'd be happier if there was an explicit explanation for staff (and the inspector) of what we think we are doing.

Cultural Capital.docx

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