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Your billing account page explained


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Your billing account page on the Tapestry billing site is where you can manage your Tapestry package/s; making payments, changes to your package/s and viewing a history of your subscription.

Only managers on an account can access this and if you are already logged in to your Tapestry account, you can do this by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner (1) and selecting 'Subscription & Billing' from the drop-down (2). 




On the next screen to continue to your billing page you just need to click on the 'Sign in to Tapestry Billing' button. 




If you are not logged in to your Tapestry account, you can access your billing page from the main billing site https://billing.tapestryjournal.com.au/ and then clicking on the 'Log into Billing' button. 




You will then need to enter your Tapestry login details.




Now that you're on your billing page, I've split this up into three sections to talk you through each one in more detail. These sections are:

  1. The Dashboard options at the top
  2. The 'Packages' section
  3. The 'Transactions' section

I'll start with the Dashboard options at the top of the screen. 




In the first section, an important thing to note in the left-hand corner of the screen is your billing number, you can see in this example the number is '101' (1). This number is unique for your account, you can use to make payments in to your account without logging in through Tapestry and you may be asked to quote it if you contact us for support with your account.

Also in this section, along the top you will see four buttons. These quick links will appear at the top of each screen within the billing site. 

The 'Account Dashboard' option (2) will link you back to this main page from wherever you are and 'Order New Package' (3) will allow you purchase a brand new Tapestry package, this tutorial here explains how to do this.  





Clicking on the 'Documents' button (4) will take you to a page where you can choose to see either copies of your tax invoices or receipts.

You can choose whether you want to see tax invoices or receipts from the drop-down in the top left-hand corner (A). The drop-down next to this will then allow you to select which tax invoice or receipt you view (B). 

You'll then be able to see a copy of this receipt/tax invoice (C) and you can download a copy of it from the 'PDF' button (D). 




The last option, 'Edit Details' (5) will take you to a screen where you can change your organisation details (A), address (B) and time zone (C). Once you've finished making any changes you want to on this page, just remember to click on the 'Save Changes' button (D). 





The last option in this section is to make a payment (6). You can make a payment to your account at any time, this can be done to either pay an order or just to add account credit. To see how to do this, please follow this tutorial



So, now let's move on to the next section, 'Packages'. 

Here you will be able to see the name (1) and package size (2) of any accounts you have linked to your email. You will also be able to see their start and end dates (3). 

If you want to purchase a new package, you just need to click on the 'Order New Package' button (4). This tutorial will talk you through this process.

Clicking on the cog button at the end of the row of the package will then provide you with options relating to that package (5). 




Clicking on the cog button (1), will then give you the options to not renew that package (2) or to change your package size (3). Please see this tutorial for details on how to upgrade/downgrade a package. 




If you do choose the option to not renew a package then on the next screen you can see the package you have selected to not renew at the top (1) and then you can either cancel this, if selecting this option was a mistake (2) or you can continue with setting it to not renew (3). 




The last section, 'Transactions', will show you a history of all the transactions that have happened on your account. In the first column you can see what the transaction was e.g. trial conversion, upgrade or renewal (1) and next to this you can see how much the total was (2) and the date it was made (3). 

From here you can download a copy of any receipts for payments (4) and tax invoices for orders (5). If you want a copy of your statement you just need to click on the 'Statements' button (6). Finally, you can make a payment into your account from the 'Make a Payment' button (7). 




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