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How to enable push notifications on the Android app


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On the new Android app it is now possible to receive push notifications on a specific device, if your child's setting allows this.


For you as a relative to use this feature, you must be permitted by the setting (school, nursery, childminder etc.) that set you up with an account. If they have not given you permission, you will not be able to receive push notifications on any device.

If they have permitted this then you just need to enable it on your end to start receiving them. This needs to be done on a per device basis, we don't recommend enabling it on any devices that you share with anyone else.

To enable push notifications you just need to login on the new app and select where it says 'You' in the top left-hand corner.  





On the next screen, you'll need to select the option 'Enable Push Notifications On This Device'. 




Here you just need to slide the toggle for 'Permission from You' (1) across so it shows as green. You will also need to ensure the app has permission from the device settings to receive notifications, below we can see this is already set (2) but if it's not you just need to slide the toggle and this will take you to your device settings where you can change this. Your final option, if you are permitted, is to choose whether you'd like notifications to include names in them (3).  




Once you slide one of the toggles across, it will appear as green, as shown below.




To receive push notifications for specific things e.g. new observations, you will need to have your notification preference for this option set to receive email notifications. If your notification preference is set to internal, you won't receive push notifications for that option.

You can check how you have your notification preferences set up from the 'You' page by selecting 'What we notify you about'. 




Here you can see that I have it set it up so for new observations I get an immediate email (1), which will mean I will receive push notifications for these. For observation replies (2) I have this set to internal, which means no emails will be sent out, therefore I won't get any push notifications about this. 




If you ever want to disable this option, you just need to go back to the 'You' page and select the option 'Disable Push Notifications On This Device'.




This is what it will look like when you receive a push notification. 




Once you go into your account, if you have any notifications you will see a red bell appear by your setting name at the top of the screen. You just need to click on there to then see your notifications.





It is important to note that you will not receive a push notification if someone else logs in to the Tapestry app on the device you have set up to receive push notifications on. If this happens, you just need to log back in to your account to receive them again. You will receive a notification email if a push notification can't be sent. 


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