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How EYFS thoroughness scores on Tapestry are calculated


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Please note that this tutorial is related to thoroughness scores for the old EYFS. For information about thoroughness for the new EYFS 2021, please click here.


Thoroughness on Tapestry can be used to track the number of assessments made on your account. This can help you ensure your children and your curriculum are being assessed evenly.

An actual thoroughness score is calculated as the number of assessments that have been made for a child or group of children within a period, divided by 17. The reason it is divided by 17 is because this is the total number of aspects there are within the EYFS. Therefore if a child has a thoroughness score of 1, this means they have on average 17 assessments for that period. Do be mindful that this doesn't necessarily mean a child will have an assessment for each aspect, it just means they have a total of 17 assessments. 

A child or group's thoroughness score is also likely to be different to the number of observations you have made as there will probably be times when you add several assessments to a single observation.


Let's have a look at this in practice.

To do this I'm going to go to the Thoroughness Child Picker screen. To access this you just need to go to the Tracking tab at the top of the screen (1), click on the 'EYFS' section (2) and in the 'Thoroughness' box, click on the 'Child' button (3).





Now you are looking at the EYFS Thoroughness Child Picker Screen. On this screen at the top you can select a period (1) and group of children (2) you want to see this information for .

Then in the 'Average' column on the chart you will see each child's thoroughness score. You can see in the screenshot below that Abby has a thoroughness score of 2.8 (3). This is calculated by adding up the total number of assessments she has for each Aspect (6+8+3+1+5+7+2+3+0+1+1+0+3+1+0+3+3) which comes to 47 (4). This is then divided by 17 , which comes to 2.76. This is then rounded to one decimal point, leaving us with 2.8! 




So, that's how thoroughness is calculated on Tapestry. If you also want to learn how attainment and progress scores are calculated I've linked the tutorials you need below.

How attainment scores on Tapestry are calculated

How progress scores on Tapestry are calculated


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