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How EYFS attainment scores on Tapestry are calculated


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Please note that this tutorial is about tracking for the old EYFS. For information about tracking screens for the new EYFS 2021, please click here.


On Tapestry, attainment is designed to show whether a child is working at their actual age. It is calculated as the difference between a child's actual age at the midpoint of an assessment period and their average assessed age for the same period. Their assessed age is taken from the Summative Assessment screen. If you need reminding of how the summative assessments work, you can take a look at this tutorial

A child's actual age is taken as their age in months at the mid point of a period. We use the midpoint because the data in the Summative Assessment screen is the average of all the assessments you've made within your observations for that child in that AoL in that period (unless you override it) and it makes sense to compare average age with average assessment.

Their assessed age is actually a range – either the whole age band if you don’t use refinements, or a third of the age band if you do use refinements (one third for each refinement). 

This graph shows you the breakdown of each age band, with the top and bottom ends of each range plotted on the graph. The chart below the graph just shows the ranges for each age band. 


Age band breakdown graph:



Age band breakdown chart:



I'm now going to explain how this works in practice. Let's say we have a child, Abby, who is 38 months old. As she is 38 months and working roughly at her expected age, I'm just going to focus on the 30-50 age band.

On the graph below I've plotted roughly where 38 months would be for each refinement with the 30-50 age band. Looking at this we can see the range for emerging is lower than their actual age, the range for developing fits their actual age and the range for secure is above their actual age. 


2016-08-10_15-33-42 - Copy.png


Let's look at that in a bit more detail. 


We can see from the chart above that the age band 30-50 is broken down as follows:

30-50 Emerging = 30-37 months

30-50 Developing = 37-43 months

30-50 Secure = 43-50 months 


We've established the range for 30-50 emerging is below Abby's actual age of 38 months. The top end of this range is -1 lower than Abby's actual age, therefore if she was assessed as 30-50 emerging her attainment would be -1. 

38 months falls within the 37-43 month range for 30-50 developing, which therefore means Abby would have an attainment score of 0 if she was assessed as 30-50 developing. 

Finally, we saw in the graph the range for 30-50 secure is above Abby's actual age. The bottom end of this range is 43 months, so the difference between this and her actual age of 38 months is +5. Abby's attainment score would therefore be 5 if she was assessed as 30-50 secure.


Something to be careful of here is that the age bands are not linear and so there are a few occasions where although you have moved a child up an age band and refinement,  their attainment will actually decrease. In most cases this only affects children by 1 month, but if a child is 48, 49, or 50 months old and has moved from 30-50 secure to 40-60 emerging, their attainment will decrease to -1, -2, or -3 respectively. This is because the range for 30-50 secure is 43-50 months but the range for 40-60 emerging is 40-47 months.


One of the places on Tapestry you can see attainment for children is on the Attainment Child Picker screen.This can be found by going to the Tracking tab (1) -> make sure you are on the 'EYFS' section (2) -> then click on the 'Child' button in the 'Attainment' section (3). 





On this screen you can select a 'period' (1) and 'group of children' (2) to view. Then in the chart, you can see the actual age for each child (3) and their attainment score for each Aspect (4). Handily here we have a child called Abby who is 38 months! 




If you hover over each attainment score (1) you can see the child's summative assessment used to calculate this score for that Aspect, in the term you are viewing (2). We can see Abby is 38 months old and has a summative assessment of 30-50 developing in self confidence and self awareness in the period I have chosen to view, therefore her attainment score is 0. This means she is working at her actual age for this Aspect.  




So, that's how attainment is calculated on Tapestry! If you also want to learn how thoroughness and progress scores are calculated, I've linked below the tutorials you can read to do this.

How thoroughness scores on Tapestry are calculated

How progress scores on Tapestry are calculated


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