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EYFS 2021 - Areas of Concern (Guided View)


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Please note the EYFS 2021 flag set was formerly called 'Development Matters 2020' on Tapestry. This was updated to incorporate the Birth to 5 documentation.



Having selected the EYFS 2021 flags in observations, you will now be in a position to use these to help spot any areas that children may require further support in. 

You will be able to find the Areas of Concern screen from the 'Tracking' tab (1) along the top of your Tapestry page, and then in the 'EYFS 2021' section (2). There are two options; 'Guided View' and 'Group View'. We are going to focus on 'Guided View' (3) in this tutorial but you can find the 'Group View' tutorial here




Once you have selected 'Guided View', it will take you the following page. You can see previous review sessions that have been completed in the last 30 days (1) or choose to start a new session (2). 


Starting a new session will take you to the page to select the children you want to review. 

You can search for a specific child using the search box (1), or you can use the filters (2) to select a group. If you want to review all children in view, you can use the 'Select All' button (3). You can also choose by selecting the box next their name (4). Once you have chosen all the children you want to review, select 'Next' at the bottom of the page (5). 




The screen that follows is where you can choose the areas that you would like to review in this session. You can choose to select all 7 areas (1) or choose specific ones by selecting the box next to them (2). Once you are happy with your selections, you can move on by selecting 'Next' (3).




You have now reached the review screen, where you can consider whether you have concerns about that child's development in that area or not. 

The options you have to select are 'Concerns', 'No Concerns' or 'Review' (1). If you are already sure on your selection, you can press on the one you would like, and this takes you to the next screen. 

If you are not sure on what selection you should make at that time, you can either choose to skip that area (2) or use the information below this box to help you decide. 

You will find support observations (3) which will show all observations that have been flagged in that area for that child. You will also find any Reflections (4) which have been added for that child and flagged in that selected area to refer to. (If you do not have Reflections enabled in Features, then this section will not appear on this screen for you.) Any reference materials that you may like to look through also appears at the bottom (5).




Once you have made your selection, and completed all the areas you have chosen to review, you will be taken to a filtered 'Group View' screen. This will just show the children you have just assessed in those areas, and the selection made (1). If you have changed your mind, or realise that you have made a mistake, you can update the selection here too. 

If you would like to go back to viewing all children on this screen, select 'Return to viewing all children' (2). 



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