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I have a child who is selective mute in my class. She will not speak to adults in school but does talk to selected peers and freely at home. Her parents have posted videos to Tapestry to help us assess her reading and to hear her talking. She is a very able young lady and should achieve all ELG's and GLD. My query is this: Can we give her the Speaking ELG if she does not speak to us in school? Can parental evidence be used? Her understanding and attention are super. Thoughts???

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I think you have to weigh up how you will be able to evidence pretty much all the skills in the ELGs that rely on the child expressing their thoughts, ideas feelings etc.

I have some info from STA on this somewhere which i will try and dig out if I can, but will have to do it at work next week.


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Hi, This is what I was given by STA when I queried it a few years ago.

The child is choosing not to speak at school for whatever reasons. (this will also impact on PSE ELGs- especially ELG06).


Parental contribution is important and would obviously be included in the final decision but the critical principle here is that evidence towards the ELGs  must demonstrate the child’s ability to consistently and independently demonstrate a skill, over time and in a range of contexts/situations – including school. Therefore the practitioner could not make their best fit judgments based solely on evidence gathered from  home. Therefore it is likely that the child will be ‘emerging’ in ELGS which require speaking unless s/he has an alternative established or preferred mode of communication.



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