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Hi weavers,

We're currently building a new Tapestry information website and we'd love your involvement! We thought it would be interesting for prospective customers to see some of our wonderful weavers talking about what they like about Tapestry and any experiences they wanted to share.

So, if you’re interested, what we’d like you to do is record a short video (10 seconds to 1 minute or so) of you/your colleagues, talking about Tapestry. It doesn’t need to be at all high tech or rehearsed, in fact, the more natural the better and humour and wit will be welcomed! You can record it on whatever device you use to take videos for observations, then go here:


Our email address should already be filled in (customer.service@eyfs.info) so you’ll just need to upload your video file, add your own email address, and write a short message telling us who you are, your setting name, and your postal address (those details won't be passed on to any other company or used on the new site), then press 'transfer'. 

As a totally shameless bribe, we’ll post you free Tapestry goodies as a thank you (if you give us your address), and in a month or so, we’ll put our favourite videos on our new website! We’ll email you to tell you if we choose yours and send you a link to where it’ll be.

If you’re not quite sure what to say, here are some examples of things you might want to talk about:

  • A description of the best video or picture you were able to capture and put on Tapestry or was uploaded by a parent or family member
  • Why you chose Tapestry
  • How long you’ve been using it
  • What sort of things you do on Tapestry
  • What your favourite Tapestry feature is
  • How it’s helped with parental engagement
  • How it's changed things in your setting
  • How it’s helped with your workload
  • What it’s saved you time on, and what you can do instead

If you want to get involved but don’t want to send a video, a picture of you using Tapestry would also be welcomed!

If you'd like to go on the website, please submit your video by the 5th of January, but you're welcome to send one later too if you like! Thank you and happy weaving! 


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