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Taxi's And Car Seats


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My friend plans to take the 3 yr olds from the nursery on a visit to sealife. Taxi's have been arranged but she cant find any info (except for heresay), whether car seats are required for under 3's. Can anyone help? Thanks :D

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Department of Transport link


FAQ including travelling in taxi's-


Had a quick read the link is law as of september 2006, maybe a visit to the home page will give current info.

Adult seat belts are dangerous and can cause serious internal injury in a crash.


I would also suggest that your friend contact her insurers, they may have specific requirements regarding their cover.


Hope she has a nice trip :D



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10. What if I am carrying more children than I can fit car seats?

If a car has 3 seat belts in the rear, and 2 occupied child seats or boosters prevent the fitting of a third, a third child 3 years or over may then use an adult belt. If there is room, it would be safer for the third child to travel in the front seat and use the correct child seat or booster.



11. What about travelling in taxis?

It is impracticable to expect the right child seat or booster to be available in a taxi unless parents have brought one with them. Therefore, there is an exception so that if child seats or boosters are not available in a taxi:

under 3s must travel unrestrained in the rear only;

those 3 years and above must use an adult belt in the rear seat only.

Remember that a child up to 135 cms (4'5") in a front seat of any vehicle must use the correct child seat or booster.



Thanks Peggy, that will help those parents who havent got a car seat due to not having a car, and if they have a bit of a squeeze fitting them all in, though they have hired 7 seaters so I imagine that shouldnt be a problem. :D:D

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dont know about taxi's, but as for driving children i do have some experience of this


to pick up children from school, or take on on trips

i have to have business insurance and am not allowed any points on my licence.

i do use the childs own car seats which i get from the parents. if only 2 seats fit in the back, then only 2 children go in the back. have also been told that you have to have 2 adults in the car as you would have to in a setting (not being on your own with children)


i also have to have copies of my MOT, insurance ect in the health and safety folder.


hope that helps, it is a very risky area, oh yeah, and risk assessment

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