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Duplicate child records

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I have recently had a problem where the same child was added twice and it got very confusing because some observations were on one child and some on the other. Would it be possible to give a warning when adding a child with the same name and DOB as someone already in the system? 

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Hi Maggie, 

Hope you're well! Sorry to hear that, I can imagine that did get a bit confusing! I'm afraid it isn't possible to do that, although as always, if several customers request a new feature we'll investigate to see if it's feasible and then add it to the to-do list if so. If anyone reading this would like that too, please let us know! 

We do have a system for merging profiles when you do end up with two profiles for the same child though. It sounds as though it's all sorted for you now anyway, but just in case not, or for in case it happens again, take a look at this tutorial.

Best wishes,

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