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I'm just in the process of writing our non attendance policy.

How long do you give the parents when they do not attend. I am writing this after not having a child turn up for 11 weeks, giving her space to someone else, then she comes back.

I feel i need this policy to cover us in case this situation arises again but i was unsure how long we should keep the space open when they make no contact to say where they are and don't return our calls.

Just wondered how long everybody else gives.

Thanks any advice much appreciated.

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Hi we give them 2 weeks of absence then send a 2 week notice letter and tell them they have to respond to the letter by a certain date usually one week, and if they don't respond or at least inform us why they are absent we give their place to the next person on the list. We can't afford to keep places open for long periods of time.

we are always very understanding if it is a genuine absence and keep a place open but only for so long.


Hope this helps


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its frustrating when parents turn up expecting their child's place to still be available after a long absence, we did have that happen with us too, fortunately we did know there was a family crisis (the whole community knew about the family crisis!!!) and the child was nursery grant funded so we still got the money (we did notify the NEG people who where very co-operative) but it did prompt us to add a notice period to our admissions policy,


now parents are given two weeks absence then during the 3rd week a letter is sent, giving the parents 2 weeks notice to either contact us or risk loosing the childs place, (similar to what milly desribes). we do state that the child is still welcome at the group in the future but their name will have to go back on the waiting list and wait for a vacancy.


it doesnt always work, parents still fail to make contact but at least after 2 weeks we know that we have the right to refuse that child a place if they do return.


some parents take their children out of preschool to attend the local LEA nursery and then after a few weeks if the child hasnt settled they try to jump the waiting list queue and get their child back into preschool and I have to be blunt and say sorry no vacancies!

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Ours is two weeks and then a letter sent with date to contact us by to retain the place....


That said if they are due to claim funding, are not present by headcount day and we have been unable to contact them if someone is waiting who can claim funding we will fill the place....or we get no money ....



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