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Would you allow a member of staff to take a child on a walk on a one to one basis?

On one day a week, we only have one baby in our baby room at the moment, it would be great for the child and keyworker to get out and about.

We have always made sure that we have a minimum of 2 staff on outings but I have recently been thinking about it and it crossed my mind that when I was a childminder, I used to be out and about on my own with all the children so why should it be different for a nursery? I know it would be always ideal to have 2 staff on the outing, but if it is not possible to let another staff member go, should I be stopping the other one from taking the baby on their own? I do understand that anything could happen but staff always have the nursery mobile (no camera) on outings, they fill in a form before they go, stating time they expect to be back, and exactly where they are going, so if they don't return as expected, we can look for them. All staff are first aiders too.

I appreciate all comments

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