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What is the Foundation Stage Forum and is it Tapestry?

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We have written this article to explain about what the FSF is and how it is different from Tapestry.

The Foundation Stage Forum (FSF) was originally set up in 2003, launched to counter the isolation felt by many practitioners and teachers in Early Years education, and to provide a home to come to, with problems, with exhilarating experiences, or just for some quiet reading. 

The forum began with an amalgam of web developers and a small team of practitioners involved heavily with early years foundation stage and early years education. 

Joined early on by an enthusiastic and dedicated volunteer team of moderators, over the years we have watched the membership grow dramatically, into an amazing, vibrant community and support network of professionals dedicated to the early years. They lend their advice and experience to the community, extend their empathy to each other, and indulge their passion for the care and education of young children with each other. 

Our belief is that the world of early years education badly needs this online gathering place, where it is possible to find not only information and news relevant to the profession, but where experiences can be shared, frustrations voiced and questions asked. Being able to do this, without fear of being attacked or mocked, in an environment where the ethos is one of mutual respect and courtesy, has helped many thousands of providers and teachers, and we hope will continue to do so for many years to come.

Through the FSF discussions with our forum users we discovered the need for an online solution to paper journals, and Tapestry was born! Since these humble beginnings in 2012, Tapestry has now established itself as an indispensable tool for practitioners.

As Tapestry and the FSF are so intrinsically linked, when you take out a Tapestry trial or purchase a full subscription, this includes a trial or subscription to the FSF as well. The FSF is where you will manage your Tapestry subscription, accessing and paying any invoices, as well as where you can find resources to help you with your Tapestry account, such as our tutorials page.

So, that explains what the FSF is and how it differs from Tapestry. I hope that clarifies things for you. 



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