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Creating your Tapestry account


  1. What is the Foundation Stage Forum and is it Tapestry?   (1,219 visits to this link)

    When you set up a free trial of Tapestry or purchase a subscription, this also includes a free trial or subscription to the Foundation Stage Forum. This article will explain exactly what the FSF is. 

  2. Should I go for one package or multiple ones?   (1,123 visits to this link)

    If you are a larger setting and trying to decide whether to purchase one larger package or multiple smaller ones for your setting, this article lays out the pros and cons of each to help you make your decision. 

  3. How to set up a new Tapestry account   (1,300 visits to this link)

    If you are not converting data that you have put into your Tapestry trial account and you want to start again with a new package then you will need to follow these instructions.

  4. How to convert your Tapestry trial   (1,043 visits to this link)

    If you have had a trial of Tapestry and now you want to go ahead and purchase your own package then you will need to follow this tutorial.

  5. How do I pay for my Tapestry account?   (1,029 visits to this link)

    This tutorial will help you to access and pay for your Tapestry invoice.

  6. Policies and procedures for Tapestry   (1,132 visits to this link)

    Here you can find all of the documents you will need to look at when thinking about security and safeguarding when setting up your Tapestry account. 

  7. What is the difference between the app version and the browser version of Tapestry?   (1,059 visits to this link)

    This article will show you what the app and browser version of Tapestry look like and will talk you through the main differences between the two.

  8. Who controls your data and other GDPR questions   (1,242 visits to this link)

    This forum area takes you through 12 steps towards ensuring your compliance with GDPR. The thread will help you think about an audit for your setting and will help you work out what you need to put in place before the end of May 2018.

  9. Why do I need more than one manager on my account?   (1,101 visits to this link)

    It is important that when you set up your Tapestry account, you do set up more than one manager. If you're not sure about why you should do this, please read this article. 

  10. What device should I use with the Tapestry app?   (1,015 visits to this link)

    If you're thinking about purchasing a device or devices for your setting so you can use the Tapestry app and would like our advice about what tablet/s we recommend, you can take a look at this article here. 

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