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Any one have this experience: although staff are on the DBS update service I have been told that after 3 years a certificate is out of date and as  manager I need to reapply for new certificates. Does the update service not remain live and continue to reflect an individuals circumstances?

It was my understanding that a new certificate would void the already (live) certificate connected to our unique ID number. 

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Hi Ian -

Rebecca will be able to give you chapter and verse on this tomorrow morning, but we all here at the FSF are DBS checked (mainly for Tapestry purposes) and if you don't want it to become outdated you pay for an annual update (which costs less than the initial one I believe). This is managed by one authorised person (in our case Rebecca - I guess in the case of your setting it would be you as the manager.

Hope that's all correct, but as I say, Rebecca will pop in in the morning and give you the indisputable truth! :)

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Crikey, thanks Steve! .... 

IanM, as far as I know (and I have done a search), there is no requirement for an update every 3 years, the DBS does not go out of date. Here are some points to consider though;

  • All those working with children need a DBS check to confirm their suitability [Statutory framework section 3.09 onwards]
  • Managers have a duty to ensure 'ongoing suitability' of both staff and household [Statutory framework section 3.11 onwards]
  • If staff register for the DBS update service within 30 days of having their certificate issued then their DBS remians 'live' - although it is only actually 'current' on the day the police checks are run.
  • Renewing DBS after 3 years is a best practice advice, not a requirement

At our nursery this is what we do:

  • All new staff are expected to have new DBS or to be already subscribed to update service - if subscribed we will run a check on their records and make a note of the outcome
  • All existing staff are checked annually through the DBS update service, if they let their update service lapse they must get a new DBS
  • All staff are asked verbally to declare their ongoing suitability and the ongoing suitability of their household at their annual appraisal
  • All staff are asked to confirm in writing their ongoing suitability and the ongoing suitability of their household every September - we use a form similar to this one (from the FSF resource library)

The DBS's don't 'go out of date' but they become less reliable as time goes on. Here are some links to DBS sites that might be useful

DBS update service

DBS website

Hope that helps :D


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