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When looking at this section of the tracking section, some observations do not show up if a statement has not been ticked. For example, we click on the check box for the ELG but not on the check box for the ELG statement and the observation is not shown in the tracking.

Can this be changed?

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Hi Millhill, 

The 'Development Matters Statement' screen is for you to track which specific statements have been ticked, not which EYFS aspects have been assessed. 
If you're interested in that though, you can have a look at one of the snapshot screens (if you want to see the age band and refinement) or the thoroughness picker screen in 'Analysis' (if you just want to see how many times each aspect has been assessed over your chosen period of time). 

It's worth noting that you might want to look at the latest age bands rather than just the regular summative assessment screen. That will show you the assessed age band and refinement for the most recent period where the child has an assessment in that aspect. 

Do any of those screens show you what you're looking for?

Best wishes,

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Thanks Lauren,

I have looked at the other options and they don't show me what I am looking for. My head teacher and I find the 'Development Matters Statement' screen ideal when seeing how many observations for each DM statement there are in each aspect for each child. The Thoroughness Child Picker screen doesn't indicate which DM statements relate to the observation.

If the DM statement screen had a section for 'age band only' at the bottom of each age band (I have attempted to show you what I mean in the attached screenshot!) this would reveal all observations in the aspect we are looking at,  rather than the just ones that have a DM statement ticked.

For example, in SSM we might not tick the statement "Orders two items by weight or capacity" if a child is observed comparing the weight of different objects with balance scales. However, we will tick 40-60+ age band only. This will not show up in the DM statement screen. 

If this were possible, it would be very useful.




Screenshot (75).png

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