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I'm sure i saw somewhere some new actions for the bean game, I've looked everywhere, does anybody know where it is? I did save it to my favourites but when i opened it up it was blank, now i can't find it on the forum.

Any help much appreciated


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We play the Beans Game. The children run about and someone shouts -


Broad beans - they make themselves as wide as possible

runner beans - they run on the spot

string beans - they stretch up to make themselves thin and tall

baked beans - they lie on the floor

jumping beans - they jump

jelly beans - they wobble

chilli beans - shiver (opposite to what they really are !!!)


can't think of any more.


Sue J

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has been (!) - be very old and bent over, pretend you're walking with a walking stick

French bean - do a fancy bow, waving one hand and say, 'Ooh, la la'

Mexican bean - twirl round singing, 'la, la, la, la, la , la', la, la, la, la' - I've typed it in a Mexican tune! Can you hear it! Ooh, actually, if you know the BBC Numbertime videos, it's the tune that El Nombre uses when he draws the numbers

kidney bean - like on the floor in a 'C' shape

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Thanks, thats brilliant,

going to try it today, just imagine me oh la, la la in and rolling all over the floor and twirling round for mexican bean. sounds great fun

Must go or i'm going to be late. I shouldn't look at this forum in the morning. I never get off it!!!!!!!!!!!!


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