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Care Diary Question to other childminders


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I have just started to use the care diary this week and I think I like it! Its taking me slightly longer than writing in their books but I am hoping I will speed up once I'm more familiar with it and have more of my meals on there.

My question.....I was wondering if we could also use the general log as an attendance record? I have been using the general log to record what activities we have done and used the start/finish time to reflect what time they arrive/leave. It seems like a duplication to then write down on a piece of paper the times they arrived and left. If they have a day off I could create an entry and put 'Holiday' or "sick" in the log. Is anyone doing this or can anyone see ofsted having a problem with this? 

I hate hate hate printing off reams and reams of paper and storing it. In my view, its recorded! If we can record accidents and observations on tapestry, why on attendance records too?



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Hi there

I'm answering this post as I work for Tapestry and I'm a childminder.

Personally, I wouldn't recommend using the General Log as an attendance register. I think it would be quite time consuming and wouldn't be as easily accessible as you would want, for instance, if you want to show attendance of all children for a particular day.

There is a feature under development which, whilst not ready quite yet, aims to provide a fully functioning attendance register as part of Tapestry. The developer's screen shots that I have seen look really impressive and I think it will be worth waiting for.

Watch this space...

Tim :-)

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Hi.  I'm not using the care diary but I'd be a bit worried about the need for keeping the different sorts of data for different periods of time.  Journals belong to the parents and go with them when they leave.  But we should keep attendance registers (prob wrong about this but here goes...) until the child is 18 and a bit.  For this reason I like to keep a paper copy.  Also, I like to tell parent's what has happened in the day when we hand over.  

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