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Who can be left in charge?


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We are a small PVI setting and both the manager and the deputy manager (myself) have a level 6 - qualified teacher and EYPS/graduate respectively.  We don't have any level 3 staff and therefore one of us always has to be there.  When we were both ill the setting had to shut for a day.  Two of the staff are currently doing level 3 training and should be qualified by September.  Are we then able to leave one of them in charge if needed?  In the EYFS it says there has to be a named person in charge and the manager thinks they need to have been qualified at level 3 for 2 years.  Does anyone know the answer to this?

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 a manager has to have 2 years experience....but this does not apply to cover. Yes they can be left in charge once qualified and in fact Ofsted tend to prefer you to do this than close. I'm sure your staff would be deemed suitable by you and that the manager could be contacted if needed.

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The Statutory framework is clear;

3.23. In group settings, the manager must hold at least a full and relevant level 3 qualification and at least half of all other staff must hold at least a full and relevant level 2 qualification. The manager should have at least two years’ experience of working in an early years setting, or have at least two years’ other suitable experience. The provider must ensure there is a named deputy who, in their judgement, is capable and qualified to take charge in the manager’s absence.

So, the Deputy does not have to have the same levels of qualification or experience as the Manager, but you are responsible for them and the decisions they make in your absence. If you are happy that your staff understand their responsibilties you can leave them in charge.

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