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Please note that this tutorial refers to the previous CoEL from the old EYFS. For information on the new CoETL, see this tutorial.


This tutorial will talk you through the CoEL (Characteristics of Effective Learning) Analysis Screens that are available to you on Tapestry. In order to view these screens, the CoEL picker will need to be enabled via your Control Panel by following this tutorial

You can use the links below to skip to a specific section of this tutorial.

  1. CoEL Dashboard
  2. CoEL Statements Screen
  3. CoEL Picker Screen

We're going to start by looking at the CoeL Analysis Dashboard.


CoEL Dashboard

You can access the CoEL Dashboard by selecting the 'Tracking' tab at the top of the page (1), make sure you are on the 'CoEL' section (2) and then select the 'CoEL Dashboard' button (3). 





Here you will be able to see the total number of assessments made for CoEL broken down by; Playing and Exploring, Active Learning and Creative and Thinking Critically. You can also see the results represented as a pie chart (1). The results are automatically shown for the current period and all children but you can change both of these options from the 'Period' and 'Group' drop-downs (2). 

At the top of the page you can use the 'Home', 'Up' and 'Back' buttons (3) to navigate back to the previous pages/home page. If you want to export these screen as a PDF to save a copy of it, you just need to click on the 'Export' button (4) that is along this row of buttons at the top. 




If you click on 'Set options' (5) a pop up box giving you the option to (a) filter according to key children will appear as follows:





CoEL Statements Screen

Now let's look at the CoEL Statements Screen, which will show you which statements within each Characteristic of Effective Learning category has assessments added for each individual child. 

To access this screen again you just need to go to 'Tracking' (1) -> CoEL (2) and then click on the 'CoEL Statements Screen' button (3). 





On this screen you can select the period/custom period for which you wish to view at the top (1) and you can also select the child for which you wish to see the statement results (2). 

Once choosing these options you will then be presented with the results for each 'Characteristic of Effective Learning' category, broken down by statements and the number of assessments that have been made for each statement (3). 

You can export the results as a PDF by clicking on the 'Export' button (4).  




If you click on the 'Set options' button (5) a pop up box will appear, giving you the option to (a) filter according to key children will appear as follows:




You can add this screen to your 'Favourites' list by clicking on the 'Add current screen to favourites' (6). 


CoEL Picker Screen

This screen will show you the number of assessments (according to period/custom period) each child has per statement within each 'Characteristic of Effective Learning' category in graph form. 

To access the CoEL Picker Screen click on the 'Tracking' tab (1), then select 'CoEL' (2) and click on the 'CoEL Picker Screen' button (3).





The first thing you will need to do on this page is select the period/custom period (1) and group (2) you wish to view the picker screen for. You will then need to choose the 'Characteristic of Effective Learning' category for which you wish to see results (3). 

You will then be able to see in graph form, the number of assessments each child has (from your selected group) per statement within the selected category (4 & 5). Beneath the graph you will be able to view the names of the children who have no relevant CoEL assessments within the period/group you have selected (6).

To add this screen to your 'Favourites' list you just need to click on the  'Add current screen to favourites' button (7) and you can export the results here by clicking 'Export' (8). 

Finally, if you click on the 'Set options' button (9), a pop up box giving you the option to (a) filter according to key children will appear.




That summarises how you can access and view analysis screens for the Characteristics of Effective Learning! 


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