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I was wondering if you leave the 'Relative observations' as they are, with just the picture / video and what they have written, or do you edit them to link to the Development matters statements? 

As I know that you would only be going on what you could see, but otherwise the observations from the parents are not helping to build up an overall picture of the child?

I can see pros and cons of both, but just wanting to know what other settings are doing.

Thanks in advance.


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I do the same- I link if it's clear what they have done and that they've done it by themselves! I think that parent observations are more helpful in learning about the child, their home life, experiences and interests. You can  really home in on what you know about them in your interactions and know how to engage their interest! 

Green Hippo x

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i had one this week which was actually about three of the children (both parents knew i was receiving it!) It was a lovely picture of them playing together collecting sticks and having a competition about whose was the biggest! I haven't 'eyfs'd it...because i don't know who led it (parents??), i know they already play well and have evidence of this and i don't know who led the conversation about size.

I have added it to their journals

I can chase this up this week with the children ...do some size play and show them the picture and see what happens. I may then be able to edit it.

I could COEL it but again i don't know if this was child or parent led.

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