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Family and Childcare Trust, 17th annual Childcare Survey


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In its 17th annual Childcare Survey, the Family and Childcare Trust reveals that childcare prices have surged at double the rate of inflation, undermining Government’s new investments.

Following the rollout of new government support schemes in 2017, most parents are now entitled to some help with childcare costs – but the confusing hotchpotch of seven different types of support means parents are at risk of missing out on the help they need. Many working parents using the new tax free childcare and the 30 hours free childcare offer for three and four year olds will be spending less on childcare this year, but savings could dry up quickly if prices continue to rise at the same rate.

Worryingly, families with lower incomes and younger children are the ones who are most likely to be squeezed by the price surge.

You can read the full report here

There have been several press pieces about this;

Nursery World: The cost of a nursery place rises above inflation

Pre-school Learning Alliance: Low incomes families ‘hit hardest by childcare costs'

NDNA: FACT report claims cost of childcare has increased by 7%

BBC Education: Childcare costs: Parents of children under two pay the most

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