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World Book Day Gender Bias


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I've brought my after school kids home and they're well excited about World Book Day and especially the WBD Song.  We played it a couple of times and I began to wonder where the girls were?  Of the twenty five references only Mary Poppins has both female author and protagonist.  Harry Potter and the Gruffalo were the only other books written by women and they have mainly male characters.  Romans, Ancient Greeks, Mrs Trunchbull, Minnie Mouse  and Little Red Hen might all arguably be female characters, but written by men.  I'm all for engaging boys, and this song really has, but is it too much to ask for a girl to be mentioned at all (is Minnie a girl?).  

The song mentions Roald Dahl, Romans and Ancient Greeks, Dr Seuss, Jeff Kinney, Three Little Pigs, Seawigs, Mickey and Minnie, Wimpy Kid, Where's Wally, Mary Poppins, Pirates, Ningas Winney the Pooh,  Gangsta Granny, Horrid Henry, Harry Potter, Mrs Trunchbull, Mr Stink, Beast Quest, Little Red Hen, and Mr Men.  

I haven't analysed by other demographics but at a quick glance it isn't looking good.  

The text in Power Point can be downloaded here 

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