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I am arranging my first CRB check through TMG. Their sample policy statement includes the phrase: 'we have a written policy on the recruitmewnt of ex-offenders'. Does anyone have a sample of such a policy?

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We never had a policy like that but our equal ops policy said that we would take into account 'rehabilitation of offenders act 19??, I tried reading this when we updated our policies, some crimes are spent after a certain number of years. It depends on the crime, crimes against children and I think violent crimes are never spent. I found this...

Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 states that job applicants do not have to reveal that they are former offenders if:


They have been sentenced to no more than 30 months, and

They have then served a given period of rehabilitation (between five and ten years depending on the crime).

However, an Exception Order exists in relation to certain jobs and professions where there is no rehabilitation period and such applicants must declare any past convictions. They include doctors, chartered and certified accountants, social workers and those working with people under the age of 18.


Discovery of a spent conviction is not a proper ground for refusing to engage that person or for dismissing him/her unless the applicant is in a profession covered by the exemption order.


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