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Hello I’m new to tapestry and currently just doing my free trial to see if I like it and can get rid of paper versions. At the minute I track child’s progress on WTEW document by highlighting things off, is this something you can do on tapestry or just go on each statement and click emerging, developing or secure?

also I track every 3 months in a block, I think I’ve managed to amend the assessment dates for this is this correct way of doing it? 


Has as anyone has any experience with ofsted and tapestry?

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Hi Laura,

Welcome to the forum and to Tapestry! I hope you are enjoying giving Tapestry a go so far :)

There is not a feature on Tapestry that allows you to highlight statements as such. I;m sure you are aware that the Development Matters Statements are just examples of the kinds of behaviour and knowledge that children exhibit within those age bands, so it is helpful to have them within each age band as guidelines!

Please note that the refinements that you see next to each aspect when assessing an observation are applied to the overall age band, not individual statements. This is, if you were to refine a child's assessment on Emerging, Developing or Secure, you'd be doing so upon the age band, not the statements that you might have chosen to mark. Using the refinements with the age bands will help you show progress for a child even if they remain in the same age band.

If you track every three months then it is absolutely fine to set up your account to have three assessment periods that coincide with your tracking periods! We do recommend to settings that they set up their assessment periods on Tapestry to match how often they do their tracking, so it's great that you've done this.

If you would like to check your assessment periods, you can do so by going to control panel > settings > summative assessments.

We have had many settings using Tapestry during their Ofsted inspection extremely successfully. You will need to consider how you give the inspector access to your Tapestry data - it may be that during the leadership and management meeting you can talk them through some of the analysis screens and show them how you are tracking children and identifying gaps and areas for focus. Key people might want to show the inspector their childrens' journals online as they talk them through their observation, assessment and planning processes. Sometimes, the inspector might not even look at your Tapestry data - if you are confident and knowledgable about your children the actual Tapestry package might only be used to demonstrate how effectively you are engaging with parents. We don't think you need to print anything off from Tapestry for the inspector, everything you might need can be seen on screen.

If you have intermittent internet though you might, for your own peace of mind, print off a couple of screens and maybe a journal so that you can have something to show and don't have to worry that your internet might let you down.

We'd be really keen to hear other weavers' experiences using Tapestry during Ofsted and their might be some 'top tips' that we can all benefit from! We do have some articles about the inspection process and they might be useful for you to read through and think about how you might integrate Tapestry into your inspection day:

Preparing for inspections, the inspectors' view

The day of the inspection part 1

The day of the inspection part 2

The New Ofsted Inspection Framework

If you still have any doubts or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on customer.service@eyfs.info

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