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Tracking on Tapestry for Keyperson observations logged

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I am the joint manager in a small setting. There are 6 of us in total. We have set the target of x amount of observations to be uploaded onto Tapestry per key child, per week. The younger team members are not achieving this target. They are not putting in the work but I am having to go through each child's learning journal and noting down the number of observations their keyperson has logged for that month. I then have evidence for supervision meetings they are not meeting the observation target.

Can Tapestry add a keyperson tracking system so I can select any key person and it shows the amount of observations they've uploaded for a set period? it would really help with supervision meetings and evidence.






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Hi longhampreschool, 

Welcome to the forum! Thanks for posting your question here! 

We are working on a screen that will show you that :) . I don't know when it'll be ready yet, but I will let you know when it is. 

At the moment you can see how many observations with EYFS assessments (and how many assessments for each aspect) have been added for each child and how many have been added for each group. So although that doesn't narrow it down to exactly how many each individual staff member has added, if generally they only observe their key children, that should give you a fairly good indication. 

You can find that within your Tracking tab - just go to 'Thoroughness' and look at the picker screens.

I hope that helps!

Best wishes, 

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