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With the upcoming changes to data protection law (known as GDPR) we have had to update our protocol on how we are able to help you. To ensure we are able to assist you with any queries that you have about your Tapestry or FSF account in the quickest way possible, we ask that you go through the checklist below and ensure all of these things are in place. This will allow us to provide you with the best possible service and will make sure there are no delays in us being able to assist you. 


1. Do you know the email address the account is under on our system? This is the one linked to your setting's Foundation Stage Forum account and the one any invoices are sent to. 

If you need to update this please follow this tutorial on how to change your FSF email address.         


2. Are your address and contact details that are linked to your FSF account correct? These are the details that show up on all your invoices and are important to have correct in case we did ever need to contact you about your account. 

This tutorial walks you through how to check these details and update them if necessary.


3. Do I need to set up an alternative contact for my FSF account, so anyone else that needs access to invoices and/or support tickets has it?

If so, our tutorial on setting up an alternative FSF contact will talk you through how to do this.


4. Do you know who the managers on your Tapestry account are and are these the correct people?

If you need to change over a manager on your account you can take a look at our tutorial here


5. Has everyone on your Tapestry account got their own set of unique login details, so you're not all sharing an account?

It is important to make sure you are not sharing an account, if you are, please read our article on why we do not recommend doing this. 


6. Are the contact details for your Tapestry account correct? 

To see where you can check this, and update them if necessary, take a look at our tutorial on updating your contact details. 

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