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Good morning


Can some one kindly give me some advice on how I can send parents messages on Tapestry without it being an observation. For example I want to send 10 parents a message about remembering to bring their books bags in daily. I normally have to do this by tagging all the children in an observation.

Thank you

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Hi nomski100,

I'm afraid at the moment adding an observation is the only way to communicate with parents on Tapestry. Instead of adding all children to an observation, what you can do though is create a fake child, and attach all parents to this child.

You could then add your newsletters as observations to this fake child with your content appearing in the notes section or as a picture file. When these observations are published, all relatives will then receive a notification about it and will be able to login and see the observation.

There are a few safeguarding issues you need to consider with this though:

  • Relatives are able to see other relatives attached to the same child on the child overview section, so if a relative clicked on the fake child overview, they would be able to see the names of the other attached relatives.
  • Relatives can see observations made by other relatives for the fake child even if they are not published in the journal. When relatives are adding observations, they will need to be careful to make the observation for their child only, rather than including the fake child in their observation.
  • You can only disable comments for group observations, not single child observations, so relatives would be able to comment on, and see the comments of other relatives for these newsletter observations. If you have space on your Tapestry account though, you could add a second fake child and not attach any relatives to them but add them to the newsletter observations too. Then, if you set Tapestry to block the ability for relatives to comment on group observations, they will no longer be able comment.

We will soon be adding a communication tool for the care diary on Tapestry, do let me know if the care diary is something you use on Tapestry and we can let you know when this function becomes available.

Other than this, we do also have plans to add a communication tool for relatives and staff onto Tapestry. We will keep you updated with any changes to this. :)

Best wishes,


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