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We are very new to Tapestry and have just completed one planning, obs, assessment cycle now. I see on some of the assessments that it says they are below actual age when they are actually in the right age band for their age in months at the time of the period of observations?

What are we doing wrong?



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Hi Freya,

Welcome to the forum and to Tapestry! How are you getting on with everything?

Are you looking at the summative assessment screen?
When looking to see whether the child is at ARE or not, Tapestry takes the age of the child at the midpoint of the period - so you might find that their age in the tracking section isn't exactly the same as their age at the exact moment you look at it. Could that be the problem? 

Alternatively it may be that your summative assessments are set to take refinements into account when assigning the colour coding. That means that rather than just seeing if the child's actual age is in the age band as a whole, it looks to see whether it is in the 'correct' third. So for example, if you assess a child as 30-50 emerging and their actual age is 49 months at the midpoint of the period, when you take refinements into account, they will show up as below actual age (49 months is in the secure third), but if you don't, the child will show up as on track. 

This tutorial explains it in a little more depth:

Does that make sense?

Best wishes, 

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Good morning, please can you let me know your ideas of doing the children's attainments and refinements.

  1. Is it a good idea to do each attainment after each observation?
  2. Would it be better to do attainments termly/ 6 weekly?
  3. Is it correct you do not need an observation for every attainment?
  4. How often do you do your children's attainments and refinements?

Many thanks

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