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Our setting has just started to use Tapestry to record observations of children. However we are struggling to work out how you can collect information on how all the children are developing in order to identify gaps which you can support in the setting.


We can't seem to find any tutorials on this and would like to know how other setting use the information. 


Thank you 


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Hello RaceFace03,

If you are observing and making assessments on Tapestry then the information is already collected for you in your snapshots screens. If you click on the 'Tracking' tab at the top of your browser page you will see a list of the snapshot screens available to you and the analysis screens that will help you make sense of what you are seeing. If you are new to Tapestry, the summative snapshot is the one I suggest you look at first. If you check that the white boxes are set to show you the correct term, children, group etc then the grid below will give you lots of helpful information. The coloured boxes show you where you have made assessments - the white spaces are where you have gaps - that can be helpful as you can see where your staff need to plan and observe more or where children are not accessing areas. 

The tutorials contents page is helpful. Tutorials numbered 55-73 covering everything (literally everything) you will need.

Alternatively, the webinar recording how to observe and assess will help you understand how to use Tapestry effectively.

Come back if you need more help!

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