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Hello all,

Just after some thoughts really.  I have recently joined a school as EY lead where we carry out Home Visits for the Nursery Class and Reception.  I'm just wondering whether anyone else does the same in their school?  I am a huge fan of Home visits - I  personally have always done them both as a Nursery teacher and Reception teacher. I completely value the benefits.. but I'm not sure whether we should do 2?  My worry is that it might be frustrating for parents to repeat all the information a year later and give a bad impression of our communication across the phase.

I am currently thinking that I will work on the communication and transition between N & R to ensure that the Home Visit information is passed on and then as they move to Reception offer parents an optional 2nd Home Visit which might be more brief. 

Any suggestions most welcome !

Glitter x


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I always recommend that all the children get a nursery home visit and then only new entry children are visited in Reception - the children who are getting a school place from your nursery probably don't need one. You can always dscuss any issues with existing parents via parents meetings/evenings and through the transitional discussions with the nursery teacher etc. Doing a second home visit isn't so essential if the children already know the school and the staff etc.


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