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I am the manager of a pre-school and I have a member of staff who is about to start training but she is not sure whether to do the level 2 or level 3.       We have had lots of chats about this but she wanted to know a bit more than the distance learning website we use tell you about the units etc.    Could anyone who is doing either the level 2 or level 3 let me know what the current mandatory units are etc and if possible give me a sample question from the course (a rough idea) so I can show her the types of thing each course asks?   She has GCSE's which would allow her to do either and has no learning issues etc. She already plans, writes obs and key works. Its just really a question of confidence.     So I hope by showing her the types of question she can make her decision from a more informed place.   I would prefer her to do the level 3 and think she is more than capable but as she has been out of study for a while she is just a bit "ooo am I capable of that"  but ultimately the decision will be hers.   Many thanks

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