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Setting up the Care Diary


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This tutorial will take you through the steps of setting up the Care Diary feature from your Control Panel. You can use the links below to skip to a particular section of the tutorial.

  1. Enabling the Care Diary
  2. Adding Meal Times
  3. Autocomplete Options
  4. Setting User Permissions for Relatives

We'll start by looking at how to enable the Care Diary feature.


Enabling the Care Diary

To do this you will need to go to the management area of Tapestry, the Control Panel, which you can do by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner and selecting this option from the drop-down list (1). Once here, go to Features (2).




You will find the Care Diary feature close to the top. By default, this will be red, indicating it is not enabled on your account yet. To enable it, click on the green enable button to its right.



You will see that the Care Diary section now features on your top menu.



Once enabled, the heading in the Features section appears green, and you will find a shortcut to quickly access the Care Diary Settings.



As you have enabled the Care Diary, you will see the first option, Enabled for use, already ticked. If you want relatives to also access the Care Diary then you can tick the 'Enabled for Relatives' option (1) and if you want staff to need to approve entries before relatives can see them, then you can also tick the 'staff must approve relative access to entries' option (2). 



Note the Enabled for accidents only (3) option; this has been designed so settings that do not wish to use the entire Care Diary can still access the accidents feature. If you wish to use the entire Care Diary, make sure that this is left unticked

Remember to Save (4) any modifications to the settings.


Adding Meal Times

You can then set up default meal times that you would like to appear in your drop down menu/list when adding care diary entries. This will save you having to enter a specific time every time you would like to add a meal entry for a child/multiple children. 

When you first set up the Care Diary there won't be any entries here, but if you have, then you will see them here. You can adjust the time of the meal from the hour and minute drop-downs (1) and you can also give the meal a name (2). 

To add a meal time you would like to appear in your drop down list, click on 'New Meal Time' (3). 




Selecting the new 'New Meal Time' button will then allow you to add a Meal Name and adjust the time as required (4). 

When you're done, you will need to click 'Save' to add your meal time and it will appear as below (5). 


30 - 3.jpg




Autocomplete Options

The Food, Meal Drinks, All Day Drinks, Milk and Sleep Care States and Locations fields displayed when making care diary entries will remember previously entered values. This can be useful if you regularly re-use a small number of items (e.g. food, drinks) but might not be suitable for larger settings. See below for an example of this. 




In the 'Autocomplete Configuration' section you can choose which fields you'd like to have autocomplete options for just by putting a tick in the box for that option (1). The 'i' icon for each will provide further details about that option (2). 

Once you've enabled or disabled the autocomplete options you want for your account, you just need to 'Save' (3). 




Underneath this, if you want to use autocomplete on your account, you can decide how you want the options for your food (1) and meal drinks (2) to be ordered. After setting this just remember to click 'Save' (3). 




Once you have added a text entry for Food, Meal Drinks, All Day Drinks, Milk, Sleep Check States and Sleep Check Locations on the Care Diary, you can then change, amend or delete this autocomplete option (1) from the 'Modify Autocomplete Options' section.

You can edit the autocomplete entry within the text box (1) and if you want to delete an entry entirely you just need to click on the 'Remove x' link (3). Once done, you just need to click 'Update' (4).




Setting User Permissions for Relatives

You can then set user permissions for Relatives for the Care Diary by selecting 'User Permissions' from the left-hand menu on the Control Panel, clicking on the 'Relatives' tab at the top of the page (1) and then choosing the 'Care Diary' option (3). 





In this section you can set permissions for relatives as to whether they can add care diary comments, delete their own care diary comments and see other relative's comments (1). To change a permission you just need to click on the 'Edit' button (2). 

To read more about setting user permissions for relatives on Tapestry, please see this tutorial




So, that's how you set up the Care Diary within Tapestry! We also have further tutorials on 'How to use the Care Diary' and 'How to use the Communication Tool in Care Diary'.


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