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Early Years degree or EYT


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Hi folks!

just had our Inspection Report and this may be a silly question.... but here goes anyway!

I have recently gained EYT status but the report says “The manager has an early Years Degree”....

should I ask for a correction?  Or am I being too picky? I’m just proud of passing!!

many thanks x

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Good morning!

If the qualification description isn't accurate then you should raise it with Ofsted. This is the reason settings get the report before it is published 'to check for factual inaccuracies.'  If this is factually inaccurate it should be changed. Reports usually say something like 'There are 7 members of staff. Of these, three are qualified at level 3, two are qualified at level 2, one is currently training and the nursery manager is an Early Years Teacher.'

Hope that helps (well done on being an EYT though!) :D

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