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not assessed v not applicable

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I wonder if it would be helpful on the analysis page to use the wording 'not applicable' against an area rather than 'not assessed' as there are certain areas, such as 'writing' and 'UTW' where there are no specific assessments until a later age group. At the moment it looks as if I haven't assessed my 14m old for those areas, whereas in fact it is not really applicable to their age at the moment. 

I think for parents seeing it on a report it would look better than not assessed, 

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Hi Jo, 

Welcome to the forum! Thanks for posting your question here :).

You make a good point. We think saying 'not applicable' might still raise questions for parents, so we were thinking it might be better if you could just hide the aspect on reports. Would that work for you?

At the moment you can hide whole areas, but in the case of 'Literacy' for example, the 'Reading' aspect would then be hidden too so that might not be appropriate. 

I've made a note of this on our to do list. 

Best wishes,

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