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Looking for a bit of advice please.

What do you do with 3 to 4 year old son who have hurt someone. In previous years we have been advised to do time out - (2 mins not playing) but now we have been advised to fuss the child who has been hurt and distract the offender. We are finding that more children are hurting each other. Not sure if it's just the time of year or whether the children are picking up on the fact that nothing is really done. That sounds awful to say as I know most hurting is an emotional response which can't be controlled. Also, parents want to know what is being done.

We do lots of nurturing activities where we talk about feelings. 

Any advice gratefully received!

Green Hippo x

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Have you observed to see which activities are creating the issues or is it just general? If it's across the setting I would look at my groupings and timetable to see if it's the organisation of different parts of the day that is the problem. I would also look at the staffing to see if there are things you could do in terms of placement within the setting. I'm sure that someone will be along with more practical behavioral strategies that might help :)

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12 hours ago, manor said:

Some good advice on this sheet which you may have already done, but good to refresh.

20 tips for good behaviour.doc

Thank you for this, I have put a copy in our PSED section in the resource library 

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