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EYFS Points Progress screen


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Please note that this tutorial is about tracking for the old EYFS. For information about tracking screens for the new EYFS 2021, please click here.


In this tutorial we are going to look at viewing progress for individual children and groups of children in the points progress screen. 

You can find this screen by clicking on the 'Tracking' tab at the top of the page (1), make sure you are on the 'EYFS' section (2), and then in the Analysis column, click on the 'Points Progress' button (3) that is in the 'Progress' box. 




The first thing you will need to do is select the two terms you want to compare the progress for (1). By default, Tapestry will take the year/term before your current one as the first period to compare, and the year/term you are currently in as the second period. 

You can further refine the information you see by selecting one or more areas of learning (2) and you can also filter the children you see displayed from the filters section (3). 




Once you scroll down the page you will see charts broken down by each area of learning and aspect, if you've filtered by any area/s you will only see these here. There will be a column for children that are not assessed (1) and then a column for each different points progress score there is data for (2). So, if for example no child has a progress score of of a certain number, there will not be a column for this. You can see in the screenshot no child has 0 points progress for the aspect of making relationships, so there is no column for this. (3). 

The scores you see on this page are calculated as the number of 'jumps' between age bands and/or refinements a child has made between the two terms you have chosen. For example if a child moves from 30-50 Emerging to 30-50 Developing, this would be a points progress score of +1. If there is no refinement, Tapestry will use the refinement 'developing'.




If you click on a child's name you can see the age bands and refinements they have moved between.




You can use this screen to look at progress individually for children by focusing on one child's name in the chart, or you can use it to view progress for groups of children by using the percentages at the top of each column. Where it gives you the points progress score, it will also show you the percentage of the group you are viewing that have achieved that progression (1). So, here we can see that 33.33% of this group have made +1 points progress between these two terms. 




As with all the other analysis and snapshot screens on Tapestry you can export this screen to a PDF. You can do that here by clicking on the 'PDF' button at the top of the page. 




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