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EYFS GLD tracking screen

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The GLD (good level of development) screen on Tapestry will allow you to see whether individually, children are working at, above or below the GLD target you have set and will also allow you to see the percentage of a group that are at or above the GLD target. 

You can find the GLD screens by going to the tracking section at the top of the page, making sure you are on the ‘EYFS’ tab, you will then need to either select the ‘Individual view’ or ‘Group view’ option in the ‘GLD’ box which appears in the ‘Snapshots’ column. 

We’re going to start by looking at the individual view screen. 


The first thing you will see is the filters from which you will need to select the year/period you want to view the information for (1), then a child (2) and you’ll then need to select your school’s GLD target from the age band and refinement drop-down menus (3). If you want to only view this information for one or a few specific areas, perhaps the 5 key areas of learning, you can use the ‘area’ drop-down (4) and then select one from the list. You can add another one by using the drop-down again and adding another area. 


The chart will then show you, for each aspect, whether the child is above, at or below the age band and refinement you set as the target. 


We’ll now take a look at the GLD group view screen. You can access this screen if you are already on the individual view by clicking on the ‘group’ tab at the top of the page or you can access it from the tracking drop-down like we did with the individual view, but this time selecting the group option.



This screen works in exactly the same way as the previous one, where you have the options to view different years and periods (1) and you will need to set the age band and refinement that is the GLD for your setting, as the target (2). You can also select which group of children you want to view this for (3). 


Once you have set these different options you will then see a chart which will have a tick for the child if they are working at or above the target (1) and a cross if they are working below (2). A dash indicates there is no data for that child in that aspect for the term you are looking at. As well as this you will be able to see the percentage of the group of children that are at or above the target for each aspect (3). 


So, those are the GLD tracking screens on Tapestry. We hope you find these useful! 

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