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EYFSP - GLD screen


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Please note this tutorial is for the EYFSP GLD screen based on the previous ELGs. If you require the EYFSP GLD screen for the new ELGs, you can take a look at this tutorial

You can use the EYFSP GLD screen on Tapestry to see whether individual children or a group of a children have reached the Good Level of Development across the areas of PSED, CL, PD, L and M. You can also see on this screen the overall percentage of children that have achieved it. 

On this screen a child is considered as achieving GLD if they are at "Expected" or "Exceeding" across all aspects in the 5 areas. Whether a child is expected or exceeding is calculated on our EYFSP screen, this tutorial here talks you through it. 


You can find The EYFSP GLD View screen by going to the 'Tracking' tab at the top of the screen (1), selecting 'EYFS' (2) and then in the 'EYFSP' section, click on the 'GLD View' button (3).





When you arrive on this screen the current cohort year will be automatically selected (1) but you can change this from the drop-down if you want. You can also apply any other filters you want here to narrow down what children you see (2).




At the top of the chart you can see the overall percentage of children reaching GLD for the group you have selected (1). 

Then in the chart you can see overall whether each child is reaching GLD (2) and whether they are reaching GLD for each of the 5 areas (3). 

If a child hasn't reached GLD, this will show as a cross (4) and if they are at GLD this will show as a tick (5). Please note for a child to be considered working at GLD, they need to be expected or exceeding in all areas. If they aren't achieving one of those in an aspect or they aren't assessed in an aspect in an area, they will show as not reaching GLD.

If there are no assessments for a child in an area, this will show as a dash (6).




So, that's how to use the EYFSP GLD screen on Tapestry, I hope you found this tutorial helpful! 


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