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​I'm getting quite confused with these terms.

​Am I right in thinking that "Activating" is when they have been sent the initial email and it is waiting for them to sign up.


"Last active" I presume is when they have last logged on to Tapestry?

​So if a parent is simply listed as "Active" - have they ever logged on? Could it be that they just use the app/emails to view observations?

​I have a lot of parents still listed as "Active" and I can't work out if it means they are viewing things or aren't and whether I should be chasing them/sending reset password emails!?

​Not sure if this is an obvious question or not! Thanks in advance!

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Active means they can use Tapestry, not that they are doing so. To see if they are using Tapestry you need to look at the 'last active' dates, as you have found. The 'inactive' status means that they cannot use Tapestry but if you made them 'active' their information would be there. Inactive children don't take up any space in your package whereas active ones do. You can always retrieve data for inactive children if necessary, whereas if you have deleted them their information is gone.

I hope this helps

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